Sweg lawd Luhan drops yolosweg trap gem of the year, “Lu”


Luhan just blessed us all with the rap track of the year in “Lu“, a yolosweg gem that will never be topped. Didn’t think “That Good Good” was hep-hap enough, huh? Well Luhan says fuck all y’all, and sorry to the CEO but he’s gonna do some real gully and raw hep-hap.

1) I can’t tell if those “oohs” are supposed to be him seeing something he wants to buy, him cumming, or him having explosive diarrhea.

2) Is “move” slang for something? If so, what is he making exactly?


3) “Gumnast”


4) Is this serious?


Luhan is on some Chinese version of Drake shit with this, trying to make his deer nickname into some intimidating figure.




5) This entire thing is a conspiracy theory to show international fans that CL‘s American adventure could be so much worse, right? Like YG Entertainment paid him to do this so we’ll all be like, “Huh, look at that, I guess it could actually be way fucking worse.”


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