Shinozaki Ai wants you to stop staring at her (boobs) and listen


Shinozaki Ai is in the midst of promoting her first album, ‘Eat ‘Em And Smile‘, and she came up with a clever way to play on her previous career with her ‘Listen To Ai Shinozaki — Watashi Wo Kiite‘ project.

Basically, the music video for “Memorize” is for smartphones only, but no music will play unless you can resist looking at her visuals. To fit the theme, she’s also erased all pictures of herself from her site homepage.

It’s a clever and self-aware promotional tactic that acknowledges what most of her fans are here for, and simultaneously makes a statement that she does want to be taken seriously as a singer despite her gravure past.

I would be a lot more skeptical about her forays into music if it was the typical actress/idol/model musical venture, but the weird part about Shinozaki Ai is that regardless of the fact that she is cute with gigantic knockers, she also is legitimately more talented and has better songs than most of the retread shit that charts in Japan nowadays. Thus, it’s not real hard to hope she does actually achieve her goals.

Anyway, if you want to try it out for yourself, go here on your mobile.


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