BoA improves on “Meri Kuri” to milk sweet yen out of Japan again


BoA released “Meri Kuri” again for her 15th anniversary (HOLY FUCK, really?!) because it’s a classic and will never get old, basically. Fucking printing money, son.

1. This is one of the few contemporary (Asian-language or not) Christmas releases that has stood the test of time and has continued to be used. After all is said and done, BoA will probably be remembered for this original seasonal ballad more than any of her dance songs. It’s rather amusing.

2. Of course, Avex cut it off right before the ending bridge, like fucking scum.

3. BoA’s vocal improvement appears rather noticeable to my amateur ears. This is a much cleaner version of the song, and I don’t mean that in a negative way like calling it sterile, but she fixed some of those semi-cringey notes at the bottom of her register in this and the high notes aren’t as nasally.

Worth it.


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