Yezi’s “Crazy Dog” a solid first step despite San E’s dipshittery


Yezi has finally released “Crazy Dog” as pre-release track for her solo debut, but this was what everybody was actually waiting for anyway.

I was preparing to be disappointed after I saw San E on the track, but it actually turned out quite solid. Rhymer blessed us all with the “Puss” beat, which was really what made that song what it was (sorry Jimin), and I think his darker, heavier beat improved this track. There’s an argument that it was overwhelming at first, but as the intensity of the song grew, it acquitted itself well.

Understandably, San E is getting dragged for his involvement in this, but his verse actually wasn’t bad at all and he did fine for once on a harder beat. The actual thing that made me want to say “dude, shut the fuck up” was all his hypeman dipshittery that took away any sense of subtelty in this. Yes, we all get that she’s calling herself a crazy bitch, so please go.

Anyway, it was almost impossible for this to be a shitty release, but I do think it would’ve been a lot better without San E screaming, and we desperately needed a second verse from Yezi instead of the bridge. Overall though, if we had not heard this track before on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2‘, it’s hard to deny that this is arguably the best post-show single to emerge from this (though I suppose that’s not saying a whole lot either).


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