IU to host ‘SBS Gayo Daejun’ with Shin Dong Yup because people don’t care


Although the iljin pedo plagiarizer sly fox IU was apparently boycotting all the year-end events or something according to netizens, it was announced yesterday that she would actually be hosting the ‘SBS Gayo Daejun‘ with Shin Dong Yup. As you can imagine that went over well with people on the Internet.

But how is that possible if she’s so hated and controversial? How can she host a year-end event on broadcast television and not lose any endorsements after all this fucking hand-wringing? It’s a fair question that I’ve been asked, but the only answer I can muster is that few Koreans actually give half a fuck what netizens on these sites say.

From what I know, most of them think basically like this:




This is not anything new or controversial, of course, because I doubt any of the readers here give a fuck what, say, stupid shit YouTube comments say. Sure, it’s a bit absolute because netizen comments sometimes can predict explosions of issues or the decline of celebrities when it’s an actual hot button topic nationally, but more often than not it’s just fodder to laugh at (easy shit to write about, ahem) or to get the delulu fanboy/fangirl perspective on things.

That’s why you almost have to feel sorry for people who co-opt translated Korean netizen comments and use it to influence their own opinions using the logic that these netizens “know better since they’re Korean”. Because in reality, the translated comments are not reflecting the “Korean” opinion, but rather the opinion of the Korean version of Beliebers.

But anyway, it’s all good for laughs, like people wondering why American audiences aren’t boycotting Lee Byung Hun movies because he cheated on his wife.


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