Cheetah maybe disses a crew in “Star Wars”, gets back to basics


Cheetah is thankfully back on track with “Star Wars“, something that fits her image and her skills a lot better than the more mainstream attempt with “My Number“.

Of course, the music video just had to be about 90 seconds long, but at least she made them count.

Speaking of the music video, while it was obvious she was attacking somebody or some group, it did seem to appear she was targeting a certain sub-section of the hip-hop scene. Between the lyrics about aping other people’s shit and being imitators, to the mock flow of the yolosweg trap lord, and the familiar visual effects used in the music video, my immediate inclination is to think she was talking to a specific squad of underwater individuals.


Of course, the problem is that mainstream artists in Korean hip-hop are way less likely to own up to disses publicly, and sadly there’s so many in the scene who have adopted the sweglord style of late that it gives her plausible deniability anyway. Hell, there’s a solid case that she’s shading Truedy and Jessi by the lyrics because so much of it applies to so many people.

So maybe I’m just totally off here, but either way Cheetah seems about as tired of yolosweg lords who can’t rap still trying to rap, which automatically makes this worthwhile and I’m just glad they have helped her round back into form.


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