Dirty Iljin Manwhores: Seungri Edition

ManwhoreSeungRi (6)

In this new edition, I’ll be showcasing my favorite impulsive Twitter user: Big Bang’s Seungri.

ManwhoreSeungRi (7)

If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s in the same group as T.O.P, Seungri would definitely get much more love from me, but I give hotness credit where it’s due.

ManwhoreSeungRi (2)

ManwhoreSeungRi (3)

The only good thing to come of Big Bang’s ‘MADE‘ series was his white hair.

ManwhoreSeungRi (1)

ManwhoreSeungRi (5)

10/10 would let him throw me a towel.

Apparently he also likes football/soccer, thus making him 200% hotter in my eyes.

ManwhoreSeungRi (8)

10/10 would let him score.

As a source for Seungri, I’d like to recommend this Korean fansite that constantly updates with great pictures.

ManwhoreSeungRi (9)

Seungri, saving pandas from extinction via hotness since 1990.

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