Kim Hyun Joong’s mom is … certainly something + fandom conspiracies


So we already know that Kim Hyun Joong is the father, that his side will continue to pursue charges against her, and that his parents continue to be trash, but boy after his mom’s press conference performance it’s not hard to see where the delusion comes from.

Kim Hyun Joong’s mother, crying, responded in regards to Ms. Choi’s demand for an apology, “If Kim Hyun Joong dies, is that an apology? If his family dies, is that an apology?” She added: “A child needs to be welcomed into the world. We hope that the child will no longer be linked to money. We will do our best for the happiness of the child. We said several times that we acknowledge paternity and that we will take responsibility but why does she keep trying to kill Hyun Joong?”

When will people think of the REAL victim in all this? Her son.

Not to defend him at all, but it’s rather telling that Kim Hyun Joong had always claimed it was his kid in text messages and what not, but suddenly after meeting his parents, his ex was a lying whore. So his parents pulling this stunt as if they weren’t likely the ones directly responsible for this specific clusterfuck is hilarious.

Also hilarious? His fans and their conspiracy theories.





While this isn’t a topic to really joke about, clowning on fans and their delusions is another thing entirely, and boy are they making it easy.


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