Crayon Pop is returning to Korea to bless us with an album


Crayon Pop will be returning to bless us with an album in the first half of 2016, according to industry insiders.

Industry insiders say that Crayon Pop is currently working on a new album. The overall theme of the comeback has apparently already been set, and they are now choosing the songs. It looks like fans can look forward to a new Korean release from Crayon Pop within the next couple of months.

What should they do? I’m all for the commenter suggestion of continuing to give us re-enactments of the greatest things from the 80s and 90s. And by that, I mean it’s time for the WWF and WCW concept, and they can have Lizzy as a special guest since she loves pro wrestling so much.

Besides the entertainment value, it just makes sense anyway, since the girls are four-time champs.


I always laugh when people think I got into Crayon Pop because they’re cute or do aegyo or do kiddie songs. It’s like, what? I got into them because disco is fun, especially when done by a group of fucking thugs that choke bitches out in the ring.




Anyway, this is all well and good, but if they don’t bring back Crayon Pop TV, I’m gonna … do absolutely nothing about it and just continue to whine on Asian Junkie dot com and Twitter dot com.

Take that, Chrome Entertainment.


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