Perfume’s Nocchi rumored to be dating an actual troll (maybe)


It was reported by tabloids recently that Perfume member Nocchi was dating comedian Manbou Yashiro, which was noteworthy not only because it’s Perfume but because her alleged boyfriend may actually be a bridge troll.

The relationship was publicly denied by both sides, however.

It was recently reported that Perfume member Nocchi is in a relationship. Her rumored boyfriend is comedian Manbou Yashiro. She is 27, while he is 39. The management of both members of the rumored couple have denied that they are in a relationship. Nocchi’s management has said that they are friends, but her relationships are a private matter. Yashiro’s agency also said that the supposed couple are friends.

I’m sure he’s a funny and nice guy, but honestly. Honestly. Be honest.


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