CocoSori’s “Dark Circle” is the broccoli anthem of 2016 and forever


Some duo called CocoSori recently released a broccoli anthem, called “Dark Circle“, and I’m all-in since the duo are a weird combination of FEMM and Orange Caramel.

I actually … sort of liked it musically? Stylistically it reminded me of a folk song with modern production upgrades for mainstream tastes, and it was catchy enough for this type of concept, which shares a lot in common with J-pop.


In the respect that they are a gimmick duo that dress in identical maid dresses, they reminded me a lot of FEMM, but conceptually the utter randomness and weirdness of it all gave me memories of when Orange Caramel was actually allowed to have comebacks, and thus by proxy also reminded me of J-pop concepts. All of those things are positives when executed smoothly, and I think this was.


If nothing else, I’m paying attention to this duo from now on, as they are the right combination of quirky and attractive that’s appealing. Besides, if Orange Caramel isn’t going to be allowed out of the dungeon, then an imitation combo of them and FEMM will do just fine.


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