Tao calls SME liars over their statement, releases e-mails as receipts


So when it was announced that Tao “lost” a lawsuit to SM Entertainment, even just going by SME’s version of the events, it clearly came off like some kind of exaggerated public relations statement for them to pump up back in Korea. However, if Tao’s side is to be believed, SME lied about the whole state of affairs.



The weird thing to me was that Tao still apparently lost in court despite these receipts, and while I buy that SME was being super extra about everything, the court’s decision still remained the factual matter of things.

That said, the court itself later spoke up about the case and revealed that the matter is still in the appeals process and is not yet legally enforceable.

So going forward it appears SME do have the upper hand in this case at the present, but SME also appears to have jumped the gun on the PR stuff regardless.

Either way, this lawsuit really isn’t the important one in all this, so eh.


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