An EXO-L apparently ruined the family date of BTS’s V as revenge


You can publish just about anything about the EXO and BTS fandoms at this point and it’ll fall within the “well maybe it’s true” range, otherwise known as The Tyson Zone.

As such, there are a lot of ridiculous stories out there that lack receipts that I end up skipping, but a recent one involving an EXO-L and BTS member V came with receipts and even tied into the ongoing quasi-fandom war between EXO and BTS fandoms over that dumbass “Let’s Love” phrase.

Like many EXO-L, one fan of the SM Entertainment was very angry with BTS during the group’s controversy. In regard to the incident, the fan tweeted, “ㅋㅋ I really dislike their group (BTS) he made a mistake on an official page and deleted the problematic comment and reuploaded without even apologizing…^^. They should let only people with common sense become idols.”

Right away, you know the person is a moron because she actually cared about Jungkook “stealing” an EXO phrase and seems to treat that action like some kind of crime.

But it got a lot worse from there, mainly because it got IRL real.

Although the tweet was a bit vindictive, fans weren’t upset with the fan until she had an interaction with BTS’s V. During the Big Hit Entertainment group’s vacation time, the EXO-L happened to run into BTS’s V at the restaurant she was working at. Although she wasn’t a fan of the group, she took the opportunity to get an autograph from the idol and even tweeted about it. However, fans became furious after she posed as a fan and tweeted about V’s location, informing others that he was at a Gujae CGV watching a movie with his parents. She caused many fans and sasaengs to try to find him, ruining his day off even though he traveled with his family so far from Seoul in order to spend time relaxing. Fan accounts say that the singer ran away in the middle of the movie because too many people were gathering around him and he was scared that he would be mobbed.


1) That sucks for V and his family.

2) That’s pretty shitty of that EXO-L to fuck with an idol’s personal time like that considering how little of it idols usually have spend with their families.

3) There’s a touch of irony that BTS fans only know that V ran away from the movie because they themselves went to the location and were a part of the reason he ran away.



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