EXO-L supposedly curse BTS’s Jungkook with death, Koreaboo enrages fandoms


EXO and BTS are supposedly in a bit of a fandom war in Korea after BTS’s Jungkook used a phrase that “belongs” to EXO and so EXO’s fandom put his picture in a funeral wreath.

The Big Hit Entertainment singer became a target of EXO-L after he applied the term “let’s love” (a common term that has become strongly associated with EXO) to BTS. Enraged by what they believed was an act of thievery and disrespect toward EXO, fans of the SM Entertainment group spread a photoshopped image of Jungkook’s portrait mounted on a funeral wreathe. In response to the photos, many ARMY (BTS’s official fandom) have urged EXO-L to calm down and stop spreading the malicious image.


“I realize how important and meaningful the phrase “Let’s Love” is for you guys but your babies aren’t the only important people are they? How could you photoshop his face into a funeral picture and tweet it to him ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”

This, of course, is 100% believable, especially from EXO’s fandom, but it’s Koreaboo that’s hilariously getting all the backlash for this.

I’m torn between loving K-pop BuzzFeed being torn to shreds and cringing at the overdramatic fandom shit like never would anybody in their insane fandoms would do shit like this.

Oh wait, that’s why I invented #TeamSchadenfreude, for glorious messes like this.


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