CL’s lauded makeup artist is turning her into a ‘Jersey Shore’ personality


We’re all aware by now of CL‘s solo releases in America, and while the music is what brings horror to most people, I’ve raised my eyebrows more than once at her styling decisions, particularly her much-lauded makeup makeover.

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Since the beginning of 2NE1 up until today, the focus of CL’s makeup has been her eyes: because she’s all natural with monolids, instead of choosing “getting prettier” or “turning 20” like other members in the group, she has always worn eyeliner-heavy looks to open up her eyes and balance her face.

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In most cases it would be pointless to judge her makeup choices based on group activities, since those are given concepts, but in CL’s case she’s actually opted to make the strong eyeliner and big flared-out fake eyelashes her trademark.

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I’ve always thought this was a great move because if there’s one thing lacking in the K-pop scene it’s bold makeup, and regardless of what you felt about her look, at least it was out there doing something other than plain, safe, and conformist.

I continued to feel that way until her US projects began, at which point I started noticing some major changes.

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I was surprised to discover that her makeup artist is Pony, well-known beauty vlogger, because I’ve honestly never thought she would Instagram the hell out of someone’s face, at least based on her videos.

For a second I thought I was a bit too harsh in thinking that CL’s lauded new look was just a blown-out ‘Jersey Shore‘ impersonation, but uh … well.

CLsMakeup (1)


To me, the main issue is the fucked up contour. If the goal was to make me look twice thinking she got a forehead implant or a nose job, then it was amazing I guess, but while many believe trying to completely change her facial features as part of her daily routine is worthy of praise, it really doesn’t jive with her past makeup strengths or … you know, being CL.


Besides, the desperate attempt to make her face more 3-D by carving cheekbones that simply aren’t there does have drawbacks. CL’s face is slimmed now compared to the rounder look before, leading Korean netizens to freak out in joy because they love that small face, high nose stuff, but the contour is also what gives her that “sleepy” effect. The intention seems to be to give her a deeper eye socket, and a more Western appeal, but it ends up turning her into Droopy.

CLsMakeup (5)

That’s not to say there aren’t good things being done here, and there’s things that Korean makeup artists could learn from CL’s change. But all that has been widely praised basically everywhere else, and I’m just not quite sure why people think leading CL down the path of America’s worst makeup trends is a positive, even if it does make it look like her face got surgically slimmed.

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