Tegoshi Yuya apparently has a tiny ding-a-ling & does karaoke nude


Tegoshi Yuya likes to sing karaoke naked and has a tiny ding ding, at least according to what one witness to his drunken escapades down in Guam told a tabloid.

All of this happened in late September of 2015 in Guam when a group of about two dozen gathered to get shitfaced. But we can skip all the nonsense about drinking and what not, because what we all really want his the dick details and drunken behavior. And boy, does she deliver.

“When Tegoshi & co. left the bar, I went along with them, and then at the beach everyone started to take off their clothes. Tegoshi and one more man were completely naked, and the girls were in their bras and panties. Tegoshi put his hands into the women’s panties and kissed them, but I watched this from far away as to not interfere. Then, Tegoshi sang ‘Sen no Kaze ni Natte’ passionately while butt naked. After that, a girl who was there told me ‘Tegoshi’s ‘member’ was the smallest among all the men I’ve slept with.’ (laughs)”

Yes! Tiny dick details and naked karaoke on the beach! Finally!

Oh yeah, he also smashed some strange in the hotel…

“‘A’ then went to a hotel where Tegoshi was showering with two girls. Tegoshi wanted to party some more, so they went to a club. They were denied entry to the club, so they returned to the hotel suite room. ‘In the end, Tegoshi took home a small framed girl who looked like the singer miwa. She had such a hot night of partying that her friends could not contact her even in the next afternoon.'”

…and it seems like neither the two girls in the threesome shower nor the girl he took back to his room later were complaining about the mini-dick.


Of course, this could all be complete fanfiction and the girl sounds salty as fuck that Tegoshi didn’t want to bone her, but I choose to believe Tegoshi sings karaoke butt-naked outside on the beach with his tiny weiner* hanging out and then goes back to the hotel and has shower threesomes and wears out some strange overnight.

That’s a much better reality and it makes those rumors of him hooking up with AKB48‘s Kashiwagi Yuki look like child’s play.


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