Kris walks the runway for Burberry, makes EXO irrelevant


Wu Yifan, formerly known as Kris, and currently known as SM Entertainment’s karma, preshed out the runway during the 2016 Spring Menswear Burberry fashion show in London.

KrisBurberry (3)

For anyone who doesn’t know Burberry, you can read about the brand here, but what you need to know is that it’s a high-end brand based in England, and a British icon just like the London Eye and Wayne Rooney’s head.

KrisBurberry (3)

During the last few years, Burberry has been trying to expand worldwide while keeping its British essence and core audience. For example, by making their beauty and fragrances line available in the US. This is exactly why it’s a big deal for Yifan (and anyone who enjoys resentful salty tears of EXO-Lels): to achieve Burberry’s plans of establishing themselves in Asia, they are using a popular local face that still fits their aesthetic.

KrisBurberry (1)

Of course, this means Yifan wasn’t treated as just another model, but more like a top guest, as you can see all over Burberry’s official Twitter account. That’s also why he led the finale of the show.

KrisBurberry (2)

You can bet your faves on him and the brand having future projects together, and hopefully that means we’ll have more of this amazing English:


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