JYPE make the correct statement about Tzuyu’s China/Taiwan situation



Tzuyu (and JYP Entertainment as a whole, really) are in hot water with netizens in China at the moment, thanks to a handful of dumb controversies, the most known of which involve nationalist hypocrite Huang An.

After dragging their feet with a statement for what seemed like years but was actually just a few days, JYPE issued a statement.


Recently, there have been various malicious rumours circulating on the internet concering one of our artistes, Chou Tzuyu. With regard to this, we are deeply regretful.

JYPE is an multi-cultural company. We have always tried to encourage and further Sino-Korea cross-cultural interaction. Our company (including Tzuyu) has never engaged in political debate and has never taken a stance regarding Chinese territorial issues.

Furthermore, Tzuyu, the victim of these malicious rumours, is merely a 16 year old girl. She has yet to form a solid political opinion regarding Chinese territorial issues, given her age and lack of experience.

Because of the above-mentioned malicious rumours, JYPE’s everyday operations in China have been negatively affected. The longstanding cordial relationship that we have had with China has been greatly inconvenienced.

To remedy this situation, our company has decided to temporarily withdraw Tzuyu from all China-related promotional activities, until the truth regarding this matter is finally revealed.



People calling for JYPE or Tzuyu to apologize for the actions themselves were always stupid as fuck. Straight up. There was no wrong committed, so apologizing would make them come off even worse, like they were admitting guilt for … what? Holding a flag that MBC producers probably gave one of their artists. It would be a lie.

I mean, just because some Taiwanese dipshit that’s now a Chinese nationalist decided to be an asshole and the Chinese government is foaming at the mouth for any pro-Taiwanese independence celebs due to the elections and political situation in Taiwan now doesn’t mean JYPE or Tzuyu should kowtow to a bunch of dipshit netizens screaming and raging based on absolutely nothing than other entities putting words in their mouths.

Will this statement calm the storm? Probably not, but who cares? They’re in a lose-lose situation in terms of where to go from a PR perspective anyway, so you might as well stick with the truth and reality. Mobs on witch hunts take years to walk back their idiocy, and that’s only if they’re not deluded and realize they’re wrong, just ask T-ara.

Anyway, anything that happens from here on out is on the Chinese broadcasters, netizens, and celebs like Huang An in terms of how this moves forward. Betting on people to cease being idiots is not one I would recommend, but there’s nothing else JYPE can really do.


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