SXSW 2016’s musical guests include 28 J & K artists + AJ will provide coverage


SXSW will be covered by Asian Junkie this year as it has been the last few years, and there will be a whopping 14 artists out of Japan and 14 artists out of Korea (so far) at SXSW 2016 as musical guests. The composition of those artists is a eclectic mix of mainstream and indie and all types of genres, which should make for an interesting event.


The first round of musical guests were announced back in October of 2015, and they consisted of two Japanese artists and nine Korean artists.


Big Phony (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Bye Bye Badman (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Haihm (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Illionaire Records (Dok2 & The Quiett) (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Jambinai (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Love X Stereo (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Mamamoo (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Victim Mentality (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)

The mainstream names were MAMAMOO, Dok2, and The Quiett, while the indie crowd should recognize Love X Stereo and Victim Mentality (who we talked with last year).

Round two of the guest list was announced back in November of 2015, and only included two Japanese artists, neither of which many are likely familiar with.

Pirates Canoe (Kyoto JAPAN)
Tempalay (Tokyo JAPAN)

The third round of artists was just announced yesterday, and it’s the biggest addition yet, with 10 from Japan and five from Korea.

Alexandros (Tokyo JAPAN)
Atomic Stooges (Ōsaka JAPAN)
De De Mouse (Tokyo JAPAN)
Jungles!!! from RED BACTERIA VACUUM (Tokyo JAPAN)
ChihiroYamazaki+ROUTE14band (Kawasaki JAPAN)
Panaquonpe (Tokyo JAPAN)
Qrion (Sapporo JAPAN)
Rei (Tokyo JAPAN)

Deepflow (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Guten Birds (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Neon Bunny (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)

KOHH and Deepflow should be familiar to hip-hop heads, and while not mainstream, [Alexandros] and Neon Bunny should be familiar names as well.


In the most recent announcement, SXSW say they aren’t done adding to the list, so there could still be more to come as well. Please anticipate … in order to put pressure on our writer to do well and not just get shitfaced. After all, I got that motherfucker some kind of platinum press pass, so I better not have to write at all that week. Shit.


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