JYJ’s Junsu not allowed at Seoul Music Awards, Hani cries & people get dumb


JYJ‘s Junsu won the Popularity Award for the 25th Seoul Music Awards, but COMPLETELY COINCIDENTALLY was not allowed at the actual awards show.

This comes after outrage from fans, who were informed earlier today that the Popularity Award, which Junsu had won, would not be presented during the live awards show. According to a fan forum, the show producers explained this was due to a focus on the “major award categories.”

To address the issue, Junsu left a message on his Instagram on January 14. He wrote, “My heart hurts. Well, I’m okay, but when I think about your feelings.. I’m mad at myself for being unable to respond to your devotion and love. My heart rips apart due to my inability to do anything. My debt keeps adding up. I’m sorry.”

This definitely has nothing to do with SM Entertainment because of whatever laws that were made to outlaw this kind of shit.

Nope nope nope.


In other news Hani shed some tears at the mention of Junsu, and mentioned she’s proud of him for winning his award.



As far as who is at fault for Hani crying … how about nobody?



Jun Hyun Moo made a basic joke to both hostesses, and Hani is probably going through some shit with Junsu not being there and the relationship being recent and all. There’s doesn’t HAVE to be somebody to blame.


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