JYPE supports ‘One China’ in latest Tzuyu scandal statement, which is fine


Tzuyu‘s scandal continues to grow and is really no longer a Tzuyu scandal but a JYP Entertainment scandal. As such, damage control continues to be necessary and JYPE released a second statement today, which is a bit more apologetic but sticks within the realm of “did nothing wrong”.


Hello everyone,

This is JYP Entertainment,

Recently on the internet there has been rumours of one of our artists Tzuyu being pro-Taiwan independence. This false news has caused great disquiet to all, we are very sorry.

Our artist Tzuyu is resolute in her support and respect for the “One China” principle. Taiwan is Tzuyu’s homeland, she has very close ties with it, but her being a Taiwanese does not mean she is pro-Taiwan independence. Tzuyu has never expressed any pro-independence rhetoric; the internet rumours suggesting that she’s pro-independence is untrue.

We as a company support friendly relations and accord reached between China and South Korea, and support and respect the “One China” principle. We will not allow anyone in the company to harm the good relations between both countries or peoples.

We are sorry that we did not provide proper or sufficient guidance to artists under us, nor respond with sufficient promptness to the doubts that surfaced. For the great harm caused to the large Chinese internet community, we are very sorry, and sincerely apologise.

Thank you for the support that you have given JYP all along. In future, we hope everyone can give us more attention and love. From now on, we will be more strict about similar incidents, and will not allow such incidents to blow up again. We welcome your scrutiny and observation.

Again, we apologise for the hurt caused. In 2016, we will work hard to become better!

JYP Co. Ltd. 14th January 2016


A lot of people are disappointed that this seems to support mainland China, but I’m not sure that it does. Surely it comes off more apologetic than their previous statement, but the “One China” language just mimics the agree-to-disagree 1992 Consensus language and remains within the politically correct sphere of how to refer to China/Taiwan relations.

I don’t think this costs JYPE much in Taiwan, cause they know the score, and perhaps it’ll help them compartmentalize the damage in China to just Tzuyu. Either way, it’s hard to have a problem with the statement and the language it uses.

Of course, this entire thing is still monumentally stupid, but dealing with people who live in reality is a separate issue from doing PR.


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