SMAP members may return to Johnny’s after manager’s “coup d’etat” fails


The major story in Japanese entertainment recently has been about how SMAP have disbanded due to four members leaving Johnny’s Entertainment, and the recent statement by Johnny’s didn’t deny that.

However, a recent report puts a different spin on the situation, and hopefully it comes true for maximum clusterfuck. The report states that the plan SMAP’s manager had after leaving the company and taking four members with her has actually fallen through and been met with industry backlash, so the four members are stuck in limbo and might return to Johnny’s.

SMAP manager Iijima’s attempt to turn independent has failed. She has expressed intentions to retire from showbiz, so all eyes are now on whether the 4 SMAP members will return to Johnny’s.

The first sign of her failure came from the 12 Jan shareholders meeting of “J dream inc.”, a subsidiary of Johnny’s & Associates which SMAP members are also shareholders of. On this day, Iijima is supposed to be relieved of her duties as director. However, due to the failure of her coup d’etat, she announced resignation. “There was no need to hold the meeting anymore so it was cancelled.” – related personnel.

The report goes on to say that the four members are now without a company to land at, and even if Johnny’s want to take them back, they feel they have to set a lesson for existing talents about where betrayal gets you.


But seriously, they better not get blacklisted cause I still need their varieties and dramas and movies.


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