Tzuyu said nothing about Taiwan/China on show, certainly didn’t correct Jackson


The Tzuyu controversy in China is raging on despite JYP Entertainment‘s statement, which is to be expected, and while I’ve tackled the idiocy of Huang An starting this whole thing over a flag, I only just now watched the video of the other incident in which Tzuyu allegedly insists she’s Taiwanese over Jackson trying to give the politically correct answer on the show ‘A Look At Myself‘.

This is essentially what is being spread about Tzuyu/Jackson in regards to their appearance on the show:


*The origin of this clusterfuck is still Huang An posting about Tzuyu and the flag on his Weibo, so even that’s wrong.

I just assumed the part about the show appearance was true when I saw this being spread, and that’s my fault since I was too lazy to check for myself. Regardless, I didn’t care much cause I figured the incident only added on to the existing witch hunt, as tends to happen with these things. But yesterday I tracked down what I think is a raw copy of the episode of ‘A Look At Myself’, and I’m not sure if any of the people doing these summaries of the events actually watched the exchange.

I’ve never heard of this show before and I’ve never watched it before, so maybe this isn’t the full raw or something, but it sure seems like the full raw and … uh … Tzuyu didn’t say anything during the exchange. Like … what is going on?


So basically, this whole thing is about Tzuyu holding a harmless flag she was probably given by producers on a show and a segment on another show where two dudes fuck around with the China/Hong Kong/Taiwan thing while arguing with themselves, Jackson tries to deal with them as gracefully as possible with zen-like patience, and Tzuyu remains mute throughout.

Tzuyu not only doesn’t correct Jackson when he interjects with “Taiwan-China” towards the two guys, but she doesn’t even say “Taipei” (Jackson) or “Taiwan” (one of the dudes) herself. Tzuyu basically just stands there the whole exchange looking horrified at these old Korean dudes arguing.

I already thought this “controversy” was monumentally stupid, but now it comes off exponentially dumber to me, especially since one of the main criticisms of Tzuyu now appears to not just be petty but a blatant lie.

What a joke.


Also, I had to note that Jackson was never at fault even if he did correct Tzuyu (cause he was just being savvy for her sake), but this video seems to show that he didn’t even correct her at all. In fact, he just tried to correct the old guy to score points for Tzuyu, and spent most of the time protecting her, so any Taiwanese/Hong Kong netizens can lay off him as well while we’re at it.


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