Ailee apologizes for phone thing, should apologize for her dance move


For reasons unknown, probably because she was being harassed about it, Ailee apologized on her Instagram for being “caught” on her phone during SHINee‘s performance at the Seoul Music Awards.

Ailee wrote, “I’m really sorry about being on my phone during sunbae SHINee’s performance. “I wrote ‘SHINee’ as soon as I downloaded the app, but their performance was already over (tears). I also really support sunbae SHINee..Sincerely, the faint-hearted.”

Backing up that statement are instances during the performance of other artists where Ailee and Taeyeon were captured doing exactly what she says she was trying to do.


That is, of course, not to say that even if she was on her phone that she should’ve had to apologize for it.

Jesus fucking Christ.

But that’s not the point. The point is that Ailee does have something to apologize for, primarily this … whatever this is. A dance move?

Mother of god.


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