Kimura Takuya’s wife is reportedly who kept him at Johnny’s


As news of SMAP disbanding comes and goes, it was always a wonder why Kimura Takuya didn’t choose to go along with his group. Turns out that Kudo Shizuka, his wife, was the main reason behind his decision, according to Sankei Sports.

Shizuka told her husband to stay with the company because she feels indebted to Mary for not allowing the media coverage of their 2000 marriage to be excessive. She also told Takuya to think of their 2 daughters, ages 12 and 14. He made the decision to not leave Johnny & Associates in mid-December.

Arama Japan‘s article sums up the whole situation rather nicely, and full context is necessary if you’re interested in this because it’s a lot more complicated than the headlines lead on. The whole drama involves like three factions in Johnny’s Entertainment fighting over the company and what happens to it when the pedo Johnny Kitagawa eventually dies or goes to prison for life or whatever.

It’s … a mess.


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