Idol caught in sponsor relationship, netizens suspect a certain new gamer


A member from a rookie girl group was recently caught by police in a sponsor relationship after she tried to file a false claim of sexual abuse against her boyfriend for trying to interrupt her relationship with the sponsor.

A rookie girl group member in her twenties attempted to file a lawsuit against her boyfriend for sexual abuse, but further investigations into her case uncovered her relationship with a rich sponsor in his thirties. The sponsor had beaten A’s boyfriend repeatedly last year resulting in four weeks of treatment and even stole his cellphone to delete her pictures off of them. The boyfriend tried to press charges against the sponsor for theft but his girlfriend retaliated by pressing false charges against him for sexual abuse. Police were able to confirm, however, that the girlfriend was in a lover’s relationship with the sponsor and that the girlfriend ahd attempted to threaten the boyfriend into canceling his lawsuit against the sponsor with the false sexual abuse accusation. The girl group member has history of competing in a beauty competition.

Damn, I feel fucking terrible for the boyfriend.

But everybody wants to know who was caught, of course.

Most are saying D.Holic‘s Hami is the prime candidate because she currently shows up on the linked Naver search result provided by netizens, but another person is saying that’s only because the articles about Bona from CUPID have already been deleted.


This would make more sense since CUPID is actually a rookie group, unlike D.Holic, and uh … if it’s true, that does this make the story about Bona joining a StarCraft 2 team a lot sketchier.

I would normally say “we’ll see” here, but chances are decent that we might never see this reported again. On a related note, it’s always interesting to me that the sponsors themselves never get exposed considering they’re probably public figures in their own right.


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