Taeyeon allegedly side-eyed the fuck out of Big Bang at ‘GDA’


At the recent ‘Golden Disk Awards‘, some noticed that Taeyeon, the motherfucking OG #KimchiSneakyBitch, was supposedly side-eyeing, rolling her eyes at, and generally keeping away from Big Bang during a joint award acceptance.


Taeyeon is supposedly seen staying as far away from Big Bang as possible, and then as Seohyun is preparing to speak, she glares at Big Bang and gives them the full passive-aggressive business as they leave early from the stage.



Of course, just so my comment section doesn’t turn into a disaster area, I feel the need to mention that Big Bang had to perform after this, which is probably why they left early. Also, Taeyeon could’ve been annoyed at anything because she looks like that now half the time she’s in public (#Blessed).

That said, I far prefer the narrative of bitchy-ass Taeyeon, because that’s so much better than her previous milquetoast personality.


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