LG has been using Zico’s name to hawk their makeup without permission


Because LG isn’t rich enough or something, they decided to hawk lip tint using Zico‘s name without asking or compensating or even responding to questions from Seven Seasons.

“LG Household and Health Care has been using the name ‘Zico Tint’ for a long time now, making people mistakenly believe that the product has an official relation to Zico, and the company has been reaping profits using Zico’s name. We have requested the correcting of this wrongful usage and also asked for an official statement but LG has maintained an indifferent attitude and continuously engaged in commercial activity. We never signed a contract for LG to promote or model this ‘tint’ product. We will expose the truth of the wrongful commercial activities of using our artist through with a clear-cut statement.”

LG Household & Health Care alone brings in about $4 billion in revenue a year for a parent company that sells about $150 billion worth of shit, so if anybody could afford to actually pay Zico the comparative pennies it would’ve cost to use his name, it would be them.

Of course, the fact that they are rich and powerful means that they figure they don’t have to give a fuck about laws or whatever. And I’m not sure what Seven Seasons is planning on doing at the moment, but they should really sue on Zico’s behalf, cause this really does appear to be bullshit.


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