Comment Of The Day: Now my sarcasm about Taeyeon is a cover story


Hi again, remember that article I posted a few hours back about the angry Taeyeon stans who clearly didn’t get the jokes about #KimchiSneakyBitch? Well they saw it and were fucking pissed, so they brought out “receipts” so they could “read me”!!!

You see, when I clarified that Taeyeon also dissed God in that post, they took it as me trying to deny I said she would murder somebody. This despite the fact that I literally included the murder stuff in bolded, all caps text.

Well, technically speaking, I inferred that Taeyeon dissed God, which I suppose makes her a GOD-HATING MILITANT ATHEIST SLY FOX DERANGED HOMICIDAL KIMCHI SNEAKY BITCH.

Thus, the clarification that I made was that not only was Taeyeon prone to murder, but ALSO that she hated God. Woo!

But that didn’t stop them, of course.




Oh shit, they successfully proved something that I never denied and managed to miss the point on not only the entire joke but also what everybody was laughing at them for.






Nooo, don’t reveal to her that the entire convo I capped showed up as soon as I clicked the ‘@’ in that convo and I didn’t actually care enough to search for that crap.

That’s not to say, of course, that I don’t name search for material. I do. But even using that logic, if I name searched and I was actually blocked by somebody, I wouldn’t be able to see it in the search. Fucking idiots.

Also, do people honestly not yet realize that even if you block somebody on Twitter, they can see your tweets in the convo if somebody else tweets at the person you blocked? Not everything is a conspiracy, Twitter is simply not effective at doing what you want it to do.





“Sarcasm is indicated by italics.” – @SoneHwaiting



Guys, imagine if you made up shitty things about me as a joke and used sarcasm.



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