G-Friend graduates from the school girl concept as “Rough” completes the trilogy

G-Friend recently dropped the music video for “Rough“, which has basically solidified their throwback sound for good.


“Rough” is appealing musically, partly because it’s the epic winter version of “Me Gustas Tu“, but mainly because it ties this school girl trilogy together. You can sum it up as a ‘High School Shoujo’ concept, especially since this comeback has been inspired from the anime adaptation of ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.


In “Glass Bead” the focus was on school life and young friendship, then “Me Gustas Tu” had the necessary and bordering on cliché summer holiday anime episode, which led to “Rough” as the final ‘season’ where we see the girls leaving for college and feeling the need to go back in time.


Everything from the styling (more mascara & eyeliner, hair changes) to the songs grows along with the girls, and helped put a bow around the package of G-Friend’s introduction to the music scene.


I may be a bit too attached because this brings up old taco nostalgia like ‘K-ON!‘ but that’s pretty much the whole point.*


Even if you don’t like their songs or cute concepts, it’s not hard to appreciate the cohesive, connected effort and story that Source Music is putting forth with G-Friend.

While I’m hooked on this concept, perhaps the best part is that now that they’ve “graduated”, where the group decides to go from here conceptually is something to look forward to.


*I also find it funny when folks point out how the group ‘is always doing the same thing’ when a) they only have three videos, chill; and b) the whole idea is to solidify their image, and now they can go in different directions.

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