Bumkey missed a payment to Way’s Girls, gets convicted of drug use


Bumkey had previously been exonerated of charges of selling and using ecstasy (thanks to Way’s Girls), but upon appeal he has recently been found guilty of using the drug but not selling it.

On the 22nd, the court found Bumkey guilty of using Xtasy twice. He had originally been tried for selling 6 grams of meth and 10 Xtasy pills as well as using Xtasy twice. He has been found innocent of selling the drugs, but was sentenced to 2 years of probation (along with 8 months of prison if probation is violated) because of his Xtasy usage.

I questioned at the time of his exoneration how Bumkey would repay Way’s Girls for their assistance, and obviously he didn’t hold up his end of the bargain, so he’s now looking at two years of probation and almost a year of jail time should he violate that probation (and he would after drugs are planted on him by Way’s Girls).


Brand New Music released a statement saying that they believe in Bumkey’s innocence and that it’ll be proven during their appeal.


Hello, this is Brand New Music.

On January 22nd, 2016, there was a sentencing trial for Bumkey’s drug usage.

Out of the charges brought, as with the first trial, he was found innocent of selling 6g of meth and 2 Xtasy pills. However, while he was found innocent of Xtasy usage in the first trial, that decision was overturned and he was found guilty instead.

However, Bumkey did not go to hotel ‘M’ in late September 2012, where he was accused of taking Xtasy, and he has an alibi from people who confirm they were with him through their credit card usage and the photos they took on their phones. During the witness accounts in the 1st trial, the witnesses said they could not exactly pinpoint the date, but confessed that while they were at the hotel ‘M’ together with Bumkey, he had not taken Xtasy even though they had. Because the witness interrogation on charges that he had taken Xtasy was not done clearly, Bumkey cannot accept the charges that he was found guilty on having taken Xtasy at hotel ‘M’ even though he was found innocent in the first trial. We will be appealing the sentence as soon as we receive it.

Brand New Music has believed in Bumkey starting from when Bumkey was arrested, investigated, and now tried. We gave Bumkey all our support so he could be found innocent and continue with his music activities in the first trial. We will be watching to make sure Bumkey’s innocence is proven in the appeal as he says he is innocent on the charges he was found guilty of.

Also, the label will be releasing Bumkey’s album as planned on January 27th. Bumkey put all his passion and hard work into the album, and there are songs that say Bumkey’s feelings to his fans from this situation.

He will be using this situation as a lesson and he will work harder to take care of his image, and he will be working hard to give back to fans’ love.

We bow and ask for his fans’ understanding and love.


Smart way to buy time with the appeal, and solid decision to go ahead with the album release anyway, but they better use that time wisely to negotiate.



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