Dasom gets harassed (nothing new), Starship threatens, anti says to bring it on


Dasom of SISTAR recently revealed that she has been getting harassed on Instagram by an especially enthusiastic anti fuccboi who harasses her about everything from her “dead parents” (who are still alive) to hoping that she dies in a car accident.


Anti: ‘Ah, you b*tch with dead parents, you better watch that mouth of yours, I hope you get into a car crash and die’

Dasom: ‘What a pathetic life you live… just how bad are the wounds in your heart that you send messages like this? I’ll pray for your desolate life’

Anti: ‘You r*tard, I couldn’t be any more pathetic than you. You’re the f*cker who barely wears any clothes to make money, as if your life is any clean, it’s actually quite disgusting ㅋㅋ shut your mouth and go back to selling your body just so you can survive in the dirty entertainment industry. You better watch that mouth of yours on TV too because I’ll be sending you messages every day. I hope you crazy b*tch get into a car accident and die on your way to an event. I’ll leave a comment then saying rest in peace, tsk tsk. The only person with wounds in their heart is you, aigoo ㅋㅋ pathetic how your mom and dad probably ate seaweed soup after giving birth to someone like you ㅋㅋ pathetic b*tch’

Dasom on instagram: ‘It’s hard for me to hold back hearing ‘b*tch with dead parents’ on my father’s birthday today. I’ve held it in for the past six years but I can’t anymore. It’s hard. I feel like dying.’


Starship Entertainment announced that it would look into legal action over this.

But instead of discouraging the anti, the anti seemed to look forward to it.

“Go ahead and sue me. Let’s see if you get punished or I get punished. You deleted all the prior messages. You made up later messages and posted for your fans to see, right?” He even provided a login ID shocking everyone.

I hope this dude ends up crying and begging for leniency. Would only be appropriate.


The best/worst part about this situation is that one of the main reasons Dasom constantly has to deal with antis like this is because of the rumor that spread like five or six years ago that she was an epic level iljin.

“Drinking and smoking were just the basics; she dated a lot of guys. Even if they were just friends, she’d hug them and cling onto their arm. If another kid said anything about her, she’d call them over, and she would hit them, dust her cigarette ash into their hair, make the kid catch her cigarette ash in their hands, spit into their shoes, clothes, hair and bag. Then after she put something like a plastic bag over the kid’s head, she began to hit the kid and her friends hit the kid with their palms, but Dasom told them to use their fists since their palms would get swollen. She told them to hit the kid in the mouth so that their teeth fell out. She hit their eyes and nose, and she told her friends to hit them in the ear so they’d go deaf. She also gathered her guy friends when she was beating a kid.”

Comments like these were left on SISTAR articles back when they debuted, and for whatever reason people started believing them and spreading them. Again, these were INTERNET COMMENTS on articles, and even just evaluating the comments, there was nothing to substantiate the rumors so believing them would be sorta dumb.

But because people are truly and amazingly incompetent, it later came out that the iljin rumors were actually meant for an ulzzang named Lee Dasom, and Lee Dasom’s classmates apparently mistook SISTAR’s Kim Dasom for her.

It got real enough that a news program went to interview SISTAR’s Dasom’s actual classmates in her hometown, who said that she was quiet and that they never thought she’d be a celebrity.

Predictably though, many still believed Dasom was a violent iljin and started to actively look for reasons to hate her, which is why it seems like she pops up so often as getting abused by netizens or having so-called “scandals”.


My point being that this whole thing is basically a neverending circle of netizen idiocy and delusion.

So what’s new?


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