Red Velvet’s K-fandom imploding over an Irene fansite & hilarious pettiness


On Twitter recently, there’s been a bunch of drama about a fansite admin for Irene that has apparently gone rogue and the mess Red Velvet‘s fandom in Korea is going through right now. This, of course, drew my interest because fandoms being messy is always going to be entertaining, so I prepared myself for another Sulli and Jinnabit situation or something to that effect. Well, turns out fans were indeed being ridiculous, but not in the way I thought.


Since I know you guys don’t have time for this whole shit, your based admin has sorted through it for you.

The short version, and yes this is the short version, is that Red Velvet’s fandom is pissed at Be My Brownie, who is an Irene fansite admin. They’re pissed because Be My Brownie will not participate in a boycott of Irene’s DC Inside Gallery (like a message board), despite the fact that her DC Gallery does horrific, cataclysmic things like make sexual jokes.

There are many screenshots of people posting images and gifs with dirty captions (EX: “Irene when she saw my d*ck”).




Anyway, quickly we can see the sort of entitled, deluded attitudes that fandoms have.

You might have noticed that other Irene fansites have immediately put up notices NOT allowing their images to be shared on Irene’s DC Gall. It is their way of trying to protect Irene. How come Be My Brownie cannot see this the same way?




So anyway, Be My Brownie basically doesn’t care about Irene’s DC Gallery using her pics, but because of the aforementioned boycott from others, Irene’s DC Gallery decided to use the videos of Red Velvet KHJ to compensate. Well, Red Velvet KHJ didn’t want them to use their stuff, so they deleted everything.

Somehow that action became Be My Brownie’s fault and not: 1) the fault of everybody else overreacting to some DC Gallery users or 2) the fault of Red Velvet KHJ for checking out completely over this petty shit.

So Be My Brownie is getting a bunch of hate at the moment.

Q: Okay… but is that enough for her to get all of this hate?
A: Yes and no. The “haters” reactions have not been good. I do not support some of the ways Korean fans have been reacting to Be My Brownie, but I also do not support the blind way international fans are letting Be My Brownie act as the victim. This is only the latest thing Be My Brownie has done, and not the first.

See, this basically acknowledges that the Red Velvet fans have been acting like fucking immature assholes towards Be My Brownie, but resorts to saying, “B-b-but Be My Brownie is a bitch, too!”

Q: What else has Be My Brownie done?
A: International fans might know about this one best – “Seulrene’s Mating Video”.


Q: What’s wrong with that…
A: We have to break it down a little more. You cannot think about this title with the mind of an international fan, because it’s not like that. Place yourself in a Korean’s shoes instead. You live in a country which is still extremely homophobic. This incredibly popular fansite of an idol that you adore has just tweeted something that reflects EXTREMELY poorly on Irene’s fans. Furthermore, the word choice – “mating”. The Korean for it is the literal term for animals fucking.

You know the logic is probably about to get suspect when they preface something with “wait wait wait, make yourself Korean to understand this” type of shit.

Newsflash, everyday Koreans think this shit is all insane, so really what you’re saying is “put yourself into the shoes of an insane, homophobic K-pop fandom,” all in order to be able to convince us that the action of posting some same-sex shipping vid was an egregious, unforgivable action.

How is that supposed to make the campaign against Be My Brownie SYMPATHETIC to international fans?

Also, the video in question was admittedly posted by mistake, but people are basically still mad that Be My Brownie refuses to kowtow and apologize.

Be My Brownie has showcased her stubborn, self-righteous personality multiple times. In this case, she could have apologised easily and said she would reflect. Instead, she antagonized and provoked Irene fans further with her words.

Holy shit.

A meme has come to life.


Again, look at the words being used to describe this situation.

If you are looking into a group and thinking you will become their fan, and you find one of the most popular fansites has tweeted, “A & B’s mating video”, wouldn’t you stop and think, ‘What the fuck? What kind of fandom is this? The other fans endorse this? The other fans think this is okay? What kind of idols have these kind of fans?’

Well, personally, no.

But that’s besides the point, as we can see from this that everything revolves around worrying about a hypothetical person’s perception of the fandom and projecting their own morality and concerns onto other hypothetical people that don’t exist but COULD EXIST and who might not conclude that Irene is a pure, flawless, STRAIGHT AND NOT GAY goddess because of Be My Brownie.

At its core, that’s what this shit is actually about.

Later, apparently Be My Brownie had a “breakup” with a friend, one who took pictures for Be My Brownie while they were friends. However, after they ended their friendship, the friend didn’t want her pictures to be used in Be My Brownie’s Irene calendar. I guess it was a bad “breakup”, so Be My Brownie was telling her to go fuck herself and they couldn’t settle their dispute. So in retaliation, the friend released every picture she took of Red Velvet for Be My Brownie from an event, including unflattering ones.

Yet instead of ripping the friend for being an immature asshole for such an action, or ripping both of them for acting like petty children who couldn’t keep it together, the Red Velvet fandom “went into uproar” after Be My Brownie.

Now Red Velvet fans are leaving the fandom because of all the drama.

Many Korean fans are leaving the fandom – Korean fans who have been supporting and protecting Red Velvet endlessly since the beginning.

Be My Brownie is now supposedly working with police to sue people harassing her.

Remember, this entire situation apparently started because Be My Brownie looked at Irene’s DC Inside Gallery, said “whatever”, and then refused to comply with everybody else’s groupthink. At any point, the rest of the fandom could’ve said “fine, whatever it’s not a big deal, you shit” and left it alone, but instead they acted like idiots and it has now snowballed into this clusterfuck.



This entire thing is insane, really.

I don’t know Be My Brownie and I haven’t heard her side of the story yet, but just from the admittedly biased against her account of the events, this is all ridiculous.

This is an issue which personally makes me very angry. If you read this, know that I do have an opinion and a stance on the issue. This is not an “unbiased” piece. There is no one who has been seeing all of this play out that is “unbiased”.

My opinion on this mess is based purely on the word of an individual who openly states that her version of the events is an emotional, biased rant against Be My Brownie, and even just taking her version of things at face value, I still don’t see what the big fucking deal is or what reason there is to hate Be My Brownie.

Maybe Be My Brownie is actually a horrible fucking asshole, and maybe if more evidence emerges I’ll change my mind later, but as of right now, the fact that Red Velvet’s fandom is absolutely livid over the hilariously petty reasons stated in this anti-Be My Brownie manifesto is fucking bonkers to me.

At the end of the day, no matter WHAT actually happened, the real victim is Irene for having to deal with people like this on a regular basis and pretend they’re sane fans. I would encourage everybody involved in this fuckery to take a short break from K-pop, get even a tinge of perspective, and evaluate your priorities in life.

Maybe even … apologize, reflect, and return with better image.


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