Yezi’s ‘Foresight Dream’ as a whole is even better than her ‘Cider’ single


Yezi released her “maxi single” mini-album ‘Foresight Dream‘ yesterday, and while I was already pleased enough with the title track “Cider” living up to the hype, the rest of it is arguably better.



Already gave my thoughts on this.

The Moon

We actually heard this before on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2‘ when she was battling for her life, but the track definitely benefits from studio work.

I suppose one could argue it’s less gritty and emotional now, but I think the flow being cleaner and the hook not sounding a bit rushed was benefit enough.

“Sse Sse Sse” Feat. KittiB, Gilme, Ahn Soo Min

Probably the best track on the whole thing.

The instrumental is hot throughout with the title doubling as an imitation of the clapping beats, and shit gets real from the very start with the “cosplay” dig (though I wish it came from Gilme or Yezi). Surprisingly, all their voices collectively work well together, with the quartet having enough contrast to make the collab worthwhile. I really think this needs a fucking music video.

Anyway, loved this.

*I know Ahn Soo Min is busy forming a crew and hustling by freestyling in the streets and shit, but when will Gilme stop singing and drop a rap track and when is KittiB releasing anything? Jesus.

“Crazy Dog” Feat. San E

Also wrote about this before as well.


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