DEAN, Crush, Jeff Bernat’s ‘what2do’ is 3 great voices blending into 1 snowy mush


DEAN, Crush, and Jeff Bernat are serving Boyz II Men realness in their formulaic, but utterly adequate R&B throwback “what2do“.

The trio offers a pleasing mix of pseudo rapping, crooning, and ‘oohing’, and they actually all pair well with the light piano and sex-jam drum and bass backing. That being said, the harmony the singers achieve is probably and oddly the song’s most apparent flaw. Despite having three singers, it sounds like “what2do” is being sung by one voice, and the whole endeavor lacks any sense of vocal contrast.

Quite simply, it feels like there was no need to have anyone but Crush. Thus, if you were invested in hearing any one of the three artists do something special with their allotted part, you will be sorely disappointed. However, if for whatever reason you went into the song with low expectations, you will probably be pleasantly surprised with how smooth and inoffensive this slow jam is.


The music video is rather cliché in that it utilizes the usual ‘girl in snow’ and ‘individual walking alone in snow’ tropes to express a sense of longing. While the visuals are gorgeous, it’s still not the most interesting thing to watch, and combined with the song’s mood, I found myself mostly extremely worried about whether or not the girl was going to freeze to death in all that snow.

At the end, I wanted to give her a thicker sweater more than I wanted to hear the song again.

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