Introducing Asian Junkie’s ‘The Writer I Made (Ultimate Sasaeng Creator Edition)’


Asian Junkie has got something up our sleeves and that something is the amazing news that the next Asian Junkie writing star is up to you!

After announcing the hiring of new writers recently, Asian Junkie is now giving the readers the power to choose the AJ Newbies they want to see get a full-time debut through the new system I created called ‘The Writer I Made‘!


Fans will post in the comments how much money they are willing to donate to each writer’s development, and the more money you throw at me on their behalf, the more likely I’ll be to discriminate against the other writers as a result of this objective measurement of earning potential! If any writer gets over $5000 in donations, the writer will be given their full-time Asian Junkie debut and those who donated will receive exclusive contents like the writer’s blood in a vial for potential cloning use, the writer’s used clothing items, or a lolita photoshoot of their writer!

Individual donors who are exceptionally dedicated to the production of quality writing will be granted private, innocent, non-sponsor activities. For example, $5000 gets you a massage in an off-the-beaten path love motel for privacy, $10,000 gets you a fancy dinner date at your place with no implications, and $20,000 earns the thrill of attending an underground S&M dungeon together! Omo! Sugoi! Daebak! Oppa! Iku iku iku~!

Disclaimer: Any donations committed but not paid will result in the donor being subjected to review by Way’s Girls.


The excitement is killing us here at the Asian Junkie office (that one masturbation booth on Skid Row), so please support your favorite writers by giving their overseer a lot of money!


Thanks to SM Entertainment for the business plan, but this is not plagiarism, it’s a homage. Bless.


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