Seoul mayor warns SMA of sponsorship withdrawal over Junsu snub


After Junsu was snubbed at the Seoul Music Awards, Park Won Soon, the mayor of Seoul, said he would look into the reason why Junsu was barred from attending the event. And yesterday the mayor updated his Facebook by sending out a formal warning to the SMA that if it happens again the city will withdraw their sponsorship.

On January 28, Park Won Soon updated fans by posting on his Facebook page to say, “It hurts to think of the pain that this Seoul Music Awards Popularity Award incident causes JYJ and their fans.” He goes on to write, “The city of Seoul has informed the organizers of the Seoul Music Awards through an official notice that if such an incident occurs again, we will be withdrawing our titled sponsorship of the event. The organizers have said that it was simply a mistake, but this is unconvincing.”

Not very exciting, but better than what anybody else has done so far and it’s better than nothing.

I’m not even sure of the extent of the threat, as I don’t know how much the Seoul Music Awards depends on the city of Seoul in monetary terms, but going after the money one way or another is likely the best way to send a message.


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