B-Free’s now gonna ‘bitch slap’ BTS, Detroit rapper B Free gets that promo


B-Free apologized to BTS on Twitter the other day, and to the shock of absolutely nobody, that lasted all of like an hour before he started blasting BTS and their fandom again. Well B-Free stepped it up again yesterday, saying that he would “bitch slap” BTS when he saw them next, but also telling no lies about the BTS fandom.


Seriously, B-Free need to stop talking about shit and just needs to do something already so we have proper drama. B-Free, stop being such a fucking puss puss that only talks about going after idol rappers and the fans of idol rappers, and start fucking swinging, goddammit.


Anyway, all that was … expected, but what wasn’t expected was an American rapper from Detroit named B-Free getting in on the action.



That’s right. BTS fans are morons and started tweeting to this other B-Free rapper, who is clearly not Korean or even Asian, and the guy used it as a chance to have a bit of fun and get his mixtape out there.

Hustle hard.

Best thing that has come out of all of this.


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