iKON making fun of G-Friend falling was fine, and both fandoms are so dumb


iKON and member Jinhwan has come under fire recently from G-Friend‘s fandom for making fun of G-Friend’s slippery stage falling incident while the boy group covered the girl group’s hit song, “Me Gustas Tu“.

My initial reaction to this was ‘lol’. And that was basically it.

All this could’ve ended there and nobody would’ve cared, but the fandoms of G-Friend and iKON blew it up, with G-Friend stans getting all pissed about this joke and iKON stans being delulu as fuck about whether Jinhwan fell on purpose or not.

Jesus, this is pathetic. Have some pride.


Sorry, but you don’t slip by jump kicking with your legs and bracing your upper body for impact. Jinhwan did it. He did 9/11 and Benghazi poked fun at G-Friend falling on stage while covering their song. And instead of pretending that Jinhwan didn’t make the joke, why didn’t iKON stans just stick to pointing out the obvious: The joke by wasn’t a big fucking deal and G-Friend stans need to fucking relax.

Look, when the stage slipping incident happened, I pointed out that it was basically an indictment of both stage safety for idols and how companies looked at idols as assets to make money rather than humans. That absolutely still stands, but that’s an industry problem, and Jinhwan’s joke wasn’t mocking those serious issues, it was poking fun at a famous incident of a girl group member who slipped on stage, and it was used as a manner of physical humor. That’s it.

The stage slipping incident didn’t lead to a netizen witch hunt, didn’t result in a serious injury, and didn’t lead to a fall in their career standing. Quite the opposite, as the incident made international news and it helped propel them into the limelight to the point where they’re now mentioned alongside groups like Red Velvet as potential representative girl groups of the new generation. Thus, it’s not like the mocking was some kind of kicking a person while he’s down action or anything of the sort. Rather, it was just somebody poking fun at an event that famously happened and, in retrospect, was rather hilarious to witness.

I’m a fan of G-Friend, but I just don’t understand the perspective of G-Friend stans if you look at the situation logically.


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