AOA Cream’s teasers are deep commentaries on life, so do not spread rumors


AOA‘s subunit of Yuna, Chanmi, and Hyejeong is called AOA Cream and they have just released teaser pictures of them INNOCENTLY holding ice cream cones.

Lots of disgusting perverts are making up all kinds of rumors about them, saying all kinds of nasty things. However, the concept is ACTUALLY about life and how it melts away from us when we waste time being stagnant, much like how the time-sensitive ice cream is depicted melting away from their taste buds.



But if it’s about the lives of humans, why then is the ice cream cone specifically focused on in these photos, right?




Simple. It’s because the upper bodies of the unnirs are weak as a result of their concept of lifeless existence, and thus is another way they chose to convey their message.

This is art, so please do not spread rumors.


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