Verbal Jint & Baek Ji Young’s “Find A Cure” reminds us what a ballad should be


Though Baek Ji Young and Verbal Jint’s “Find A Cure” is on the slower side, the raw power and chilling emotion make it a worthwhile listen.

Baek Ji Young’s comeback has produced a ballad that can only be described as “haunting”, as her vocals on this track are breathtaking. She sounds so raw and filled with emotion, and it’s that emotional tone that reminds me of her previous ballad gem, “Like Being Hit By A Bullet“. Equally interesting is Verbal Jint, who serves as a perfect compliment to Baek Ji Young’s exquisite vocal performance. Although I’m not much of a Verbal Jint fan, he fits perfectly on this song. While Verbal Jint’s raps are generally technically impressive, in “Find A Cure” he scraps some of the technicality for simplicity and focuses on matching the ballad’s emotional tone.


While the track is beautiful and features dueling outstanding performances, the music video is rather plain. Dusty and dimly lit indoor shots rule the day, with stock images of things that are “sad”, like a red flower or a broken clock, popping up as well. It’s certainly not visually impressive, but the simplicity gets the job done since it was likely only meant as an afterthought of a visual companion for the track.

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