G-FRIEND were endlessly entertaining (yet again) on ‘Weekly Idol’


The entertainment value of ‘Weekly Idol‘ has some correlation to the hosts, but with or without Jung Hyung Don, the entertainment value still comes primarily from how game the guests are to do just about anything. And for whatever whining people do about G-Friend, I think part of their appeal stems from the fact that they are always game.

They (attempted to) cover f(x)‘s “La Cha Ta“, EXID‘s “Hot Pink“, SNSD‘s “Lion Heart“, Red Velvet‘s “Dumb Dumb“, EXO‘s “Growl“, BTS‘s “I Need You“, and Big Bang‘s “Bang Bang Bang“.


They also absolutely killed “Rough” at 1.5-times speed double speed.

And Yuju tried to kill herself with a hula hoop.



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