Yolosweg Roundup: G2, Reddy, Grosto, Nucksal, Jang You Seok


We’ve been buried deep in painful and agonising ballads recently, so time lift our spirits with more pain with lots of yolosweg!




G2 released this weak version of “My Team” (“Family“) with a bunch of other people from Hi-Lite Records in it. The only person in this I like is Paloalto because he sounds like the most normal. Even Huckleberry P, who I like a lot, just didn’t do it for me. G2 has dreads, and that makes me want to curl up and cry. All of the them look like they raided Zico‘s closet. Okasian is ugly as fuck, why the fuck do international fans call him “daddy”? Fucking gross.

Reddy is someone I don’t really know about, and Jay Park is a bit of rat. “Think” is slightly more acceptable to my ears than “Family”, but it’s more Jay Park featuring Reddy than the other way round.

Grosto is cute as fuck. We should all of have a crush on him and his keyboard player. Also Hoody provides flawless vocals as per normal. 10/10, not a yolosweg video. Blessed.

I want to say this young man was on ‘Show Me The Money 4‘*? But I can’t remember him, and I’ll probably forget about this song soon. When I think of the word Nucksal, I think of testicles — rapping testicles. He also has dreads, so no.

*Editor’s Note: Lol.

Jang You Seok is by far my favourite yolosweg of the last month, and probably this month too. The director-turned-rapper has been dropping weird experimental rap videos in the past two weeks, which is right up my alley. He also has more pretty boy aesthetics than Beenzino, Giriboy, and Okasian combined, so this is the true Korean rap “daddy”.

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