Hashimoto Kanna’s solo debut PV “Sailor Fuku To Kikanju” has Hashimoto Kanna


As mentioned previously, Hashimoto Kanna is playing the role Way was always meant to play (schoolgirl yakuza boss) in an upcoming movie, and as promotion for that movie, Hashimoto Kanna has made her solo debut as a singer with “Sailor Fuku To Kikanju“, a remake of Yakushimaru Hiroko‘s song.

There’s nothing much to say about the song, as it sounds just like it’s part of a soundtrack, but at least Hashimoto Kanna was in it, I guess.

Pleasant enough.


Akimoto Yasushi probably preparing to sacrifice his family to Satan if it would mean his company gets their new ace so he doesn’t have to pay the graduated popular members to come back and tongue each other anymore.


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