‘Produce 101’ shows the public a real trainee experience with terrible contracts


I’ve said from the start that all the hand-wringing about the morality of ‘Produce 101‘ is amusing to read, because it’s basically what everybody in the industry goes through, just behind closed doors. But now that it’s shamelessly thrown in our faces and left up to the public to decide the rat race, it’s suddenly a moral problem.

Anyway, the most recent news is that Mnet had apparently decided before the show to make the struggle especially realistic by ensuring that the trainees get paid nothing for being on the show and that they sign away their legal rights.

The best part about this, of course, is that the same netizens who throw a hissy fit every time an idol wants to leave a group or leave a company or sue for freedom are now talking about how inhumane this reality show circus is.

I was admittedly skeptical that this show would be worth anything at all when it was announced, but if nothing else it’s worth it to expose people for being morons.



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