Sponsors are a hot issue in Korea and it’s already getting real annoying


“Sponsors” are the hot issue now (with the media and netizens, at least), and it really picked up steam thanks to Jisoo publicly calling a sponsor offer out, though it’s been in the media more since late last year. There’s nothing wrong with investigating this, as it’s definitely an issue and it’s something I’ve been hearing about since I got into Korean entertainment many years ago.

That said, the annoying thing is gonna be how since this is suddenly a relevant issue, it’s gonna lead to a bunch of bullshit assumptions based on absolutely no evidence. Sorry, did I say “gonna”? I meant it already is.

All those women who get lead roles without a hit drama to their name. All those women who you see all over the media? 100% sponsored

This is funny ㅋㅋ the majority of them have sponsors anyway, who are they to be picking sides?

I assume most female celebrities are sl*ts then =_= and they always act so pure and innocent? Gross~

Then some actress named Nam Bora (who I don’t know?) got caught dating a rich dude and then immediately broke up with him after it went public, so…

Makes me think that he’s a sponsor

He’s her sponsor, that’s what

After that TV show, I seriously can’t see these things innocently anymore ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

…yeah. I mean, I don’t doubt it’s a possibility, but it’s a terrible sponsor for her if it can’t get her an active career or any contracts. More to the point, the comments show how the speculation about female idols and actresses is probably gonna go for a while.

Hell, now on random articles about AOA finally getting paid, we get shit like calling for an investigation into evil Seolhyun.

Please have Seolhyun investigated by that TV show on sponsors!!! The fact that Seolhyun alone is featured on the main page of portal sites 7 days a week and was able to land a huge SK telecom ad all on her own…

I hope I’m wrong, but the next step would be dozens of Pann posts chronicling the “questionable” relationships or endorsements or castings going back like a decade, and then it could really become a gigantic witch-hunting clusterfuck.

It’s already annoying, but god this could get insufferable real quick.


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