APL’s appropriately named “Might Die” set in bombed out building in the cold


Rookie boy group APL dropped their debut music video for “Might Die” yesterday, and the most noteworthy thing was that I thought they might’ve actually risked their life filming it.

The song was rather forgettable, and the music video seemed to make an effort to beat Crayon Pop‘s record of a $200 budget, but if DAM Entertainment‘s strategy for their boy group was to get people to cover the release just because they felt bad after watching it, well then dammit they’ve won.

Seriously though, the set of the music video looks like it’s a building that was bombed decades ago and might now be structurally unsound. I mean, they didn’t even clean the goddamn floor for them to dance on. Though in fairness to the crew, if seeing the boys’ breath throughout the video was any indication, everybody was likely in a hurry to get this over with cause it was fucking freezing.




If you’ve ever wanted to see exactly how hard and how often idols breathe during their choreography, then this music video is definitely targeted towards you.

Also, that roof shot makes this location seem remote as hell, like where a cult used to go to make human sacrifices to the gods.

Either way, it got my attention, so well done to the boys of APL and please don’t let your company kill you.


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