Korean INFINITE stans yell at Lovelyz to “fuck off” and “go fail” over chips


Netizen Buzz recently translated a Pann post that rips Lovelyz for their supposed immature and unprofessional actions at a recent INFINITE concert, the likes of which even if entirely true is a whole bunch of nothingness and entirely uninteresting to me.

What is not uninteresting to me, however, is the story of Lovelyz being harassed in person by INFINITE stans (supposedly they had to leave the concert early due to this, but that’s unconfirmed).


The person who supposedly started the ongoing mess is currently trying to duck the backlash that the video of her and her friends screaming curses at Lovelyz is causing, either by deleting her account or changing her handle.


What video? Ah yes, of course, well here’s the video of Lovelyz being told to “fuck off” and “go fail” by a bunch of screaming banshees.


“yaaa! yaaa! / who is that? / Lovelyz! / *can’t hear much, someone said not to lean on the fence* / ya what are you doing here! fuck off! *can’t hear much* / ya! / let’s sing it together, Lovelyz go fail!” :>_>: :>_>: :>_>:

Sorry, but that video is hilarious in the worst possible way.

Anyway, so yeah, basically all of this mess happened because Lovelyz were eating chips at a concert (which is against the rules) and INFINITE fans accused them of doing horrible things like plugging their ears when fans screamed and leaving behind litter. Of course, Lovelyz didn’t leave behind the bags from their chips in their alleged litter, which sorta makes no sense if they were gonna just everything else. It does, however, make more sense if the picture had been staged by the same INFINITE fans that have wished Lovelyz would disband ever since the Seo Ji Soo scandal (or since the group was announced) and have so much animosity for the group that they recorded video of themselves swearing at them, right?


Surely the Korean INFINITE stans only had the purest of intentions in taking the pictures, recording the video, and making an issue out of this. Definitely put your full trust in their unbiased and rational judgement.

Seriously though, I stress again that this entire mess was essentially over fucking chips.


The worst part, as usual, is international netizens taking this fandom war witch-hunt shit at Pann with like 200 upvotes and pretending that sneaking chips into a concert is some fucking horrific offense because a bunch of pre-teen INFINITE stans/Lovelyz antis deemed it so.



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