Bobby’s “awesome like a possom” in W Korea, wants to be Marley, Kendrick, Jackson


Bobby is in W Korea, and the magazine allowed him to scribble some of his yolosweg answers to questions on a bunch of Polaroids. I, of course, am covering this because despite his claim to be unlike other idol rappers, he’s actually the corniest motherfucker ever.




Yes, that’s two misspelled “awesome like a possom” rhymes that elementary school kids learn, and one claim that he wants to sound like Bob Marley, rap like Kendrick Lamar, and perform like Michael Jackson.

I love Bobby. Dude never stops trying. It’s wonderful.


Oh yeah, because we lost Bobby’s interview about hep-hap with Arena in The Great Server Crash Of 2015, I figure this is as appropriate a place to remind everybody why one should never come at Bobby’s hep-hap knowledge.


Bobby On His Lifetime Passion For Hep-Hap Compared To Other Idols Who Are Fake Thugs

Interviewer: Did you become a YG trainee because you wanted to do hiphop?
BOBBY: I originally just had the vague notion of wanting to do music, not necessarily hip-hop or rap. At the time I didn’t know enough about the hip-hop genre in a professional sense. I gradually ended up writing lyrics, matching rhymes, spitting out raps and recording, listening to my own voice..That kind of stuff became fun.

Bobby On Originality

Interviewer: It was probably like that because you had to fight by yourself. What processes did you go through to create your own unique tone or personality as rapper Bobby?
BOBBY: I originally just tried to copy a lot of foreign rappers. In doing so, I took and changed some of the cool elements in order to better suit me.

Bobby On Definitely Not Being A Test-Tube Rapper & Writing His Own Lyrics … Maybe

Interviewer: The freedom for a rapper to freely write lyrics is part of hip-hop. What do you have to say to those that you won’t be able to do that as part of such a large company?
BOBBY: Hm, that is a task I will have to work on in the future. There are things I want to express as a rapper, but since I am under the big picture of YG, I’ll have to consider how I can go about this wisely.

Bobby On What Hep-Hap Actually Is

Interviewer: What about it specifically?
BOBBY: Well first, it has a manly charm. Um.. just rawness. There is no embellishment to it.

Interviewer: It’s cool because it is honest, without pretending or trying too hard?
BOBBY: That’s right, that’s right. That’s what I like about it: there is an aura to it even when it’s just there without doing anything. I keep falling deeper into it because of that. Hip-hop isn’t just music; it has a culture. Like when you’re simply hanging out with your friends and high-five each other, that’s hip-hop. For example, waking up in the morning and going to school without showering, that’s hip-hop too.. It’s just raw.


Bobby On How His Life Is Hep-Hap

Interviewer: Your life itself is like a song lyric.
BOBBY: Right, that is hip-hop.


Never leave us again. Never be lost again. Never forget again.



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