‘Produce 101’ Episode 4 English Subs: Sohye Rises + 35 To Get The Axe


Produce 101‘ episode four is out with English subs and more performances!



Like last week, this week’s episode chronicles the various group performances. There are a few notable performances and performers, but this episode’s real success is its depiction of the contestants’ growth.


Over the past few weeks, I’ve actively questioned the presence of a few contestants. Specifically, I wondered why Sohye is on the show. Yes, she is attractive and has a relatively acceptable amount of popularity. But, from week to week she has displayed lackluster vocal and dance performances, and this week’s episode began as no exception.

Sohye’s group began as train-wrecky as train-wrecks can be, because it was apparent that most of the group members had not practiced or even knew the choreo for Wonder Girls‘ “Irony”. Sohye, clearly struggling with the dance, tried her damnedest to at least look like she was dancing. However, not being fooled by her efforts, Bae Yoon Jung called her out and actively questioned her ability to actually become an idol. Not to be deterred, Sohye and the rest of her team practiced all night and returned with a nearly flawless performance.

Call me sentimental, but Sohye’s meteoric rise in talent (from cringy to rather good) is the highlight of the show for me so far. Say what you want about Mnet, ‘Produce 101’, and audition programs as a whole, but there is something undeniably inspiring about watching an individual work so hard to achieve their dreams. Sohye’s improved performance not only shut my hater self up, it also brought Bae Yoon Jung to tears.


As far as performances go, this week was a bit more dynamic than last week (perhaps because of the welcomed absence of an A Pink song).

One group took a decidedly more risqué take on 4Minute‘s “Hot Issue“, and their body rolls during the dance break alone were enough to make them the standout team of the two (and the eventual winner).

The performances of After School‘s “Ah” were particularly noteworthy because, as most of you know, Kahi is both a trainer on the show and the former taskmaster leader for After School.

There were also performances of f(x)‘s “La Cha Ta”, miss A‘s “Bad Girl, Good Girl“, and KARA‘s “Break It”. While there were some impressive vocals in all three of these songs, the performances as a whole where neither dramatic nor interesting enough to really be memorable.


For those of you simply awaiting outcry and clusterfucks, it’s worth noting that episode four ended with the announcement of the bottom 35 and the top 11 contestants. Thus, next week’s episode should feature the long awaited elimination.

My body is ready for people to get the axe.

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